How many times have you read a poor report? Dull as ditch-water and poorly constructed.

Good communication is a skill that I’ve honed over the past 30 years as a consultant. It’s about structuring the analysis and then telling and delivering that story in a compelling, easy to digest, memorable fashion.

By making reporting about the future accessible and exciting, I support leaders in their future-facing decisions
and set and their staff on the path to change.

I apply my writing skills to much more than reporting:
key notes, web content, blogs, newsletters and book ghostwriting.

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Here are some publically accessible materials, that I’ve authored.

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL): “Retail 2020: Change is Coming. Are You Ready?”

Very dated now as my foresight for retail by 2020 was made back in 2010. However, I’m very proud of my forecasting in these 8 mini-reports as many of my predictions have come to pass. What looks tame in retrospect was prescient at the time.

[When you click on the link, scroll down to the 8 chapters
and take a browse].

Motivaction: “Riding the Next Wave of Globalisation: Five Challenges Multinationals Face in Developing Markets”

My former Dutch colleagues asked me to co-author a report using consumer insights coming from their ‘Glocalities’ global database. Combined with my observations working in offices around the world for the likes of L’Oréal, Merck and Jones Lang LaSalle, we came up with this rulebook for multinational success.

[You will be asked to fill out a non-binding form to access this report from Motivaction, as holders of the intellectual rights].

Chris Middleton and Tim Drake:
“You Can Be As Young As You Think: Six Steps to Staying Younger
and Feeling Sharper”

Coming at life from a different angle and adopting a more folksy tone, our book challenges everyone to remain relevant and up for life. An ageing population and accelerating change is an explosive combination and means, quite simply, that many could find themselves adrift from society.

The book explains this phenomenon and gives six very pragmatic ways to live a life full of fun, fascination and fulfilment.