I’ve run dozens of ideation workshops on subjects as diverse as mobile phones, soft drinks, fundraising and healthcare.

Sessions follow a diamond shape: opening up the windows first, before landing on several proto business cases by days’ end. I work at both incremental and radical innovation ends of the spectrum.

I facilitate workshops and related services including:

1. Brand activation

2. Product development

3. Concept development

4. Gap analysis in markets

5. Trend and segment catalysts

6. Idea screening and development

To identify pools of value in today’s consumer markets, Futures Coaching has developed its own bespoke methodology that has stood the test of time and provided rich insights across various sectors and global regions.
Called Posture Prediction, the approach is unique in the marketplace.
And the insight tool it produces has become embedded in various organisations. 

‘Postures’ relates to the idea in someone’s head when they are active in a given market. If someone is donating money, their posture might be ‘to feel worthy’, or ‘to give something back’ or ‘to be saved in the next life’. In most markets, it is possible to identify and illustrate 50-80 Postures that can then be clustered. What is more, these Postures will evolve over time and, indeed, it is possible to then define¬† marketplace frameworks that allow a time dynamic to be mapped. The upshot is a tool where new needs and wants can be identified, new sources of value defined, new products brainstormed. Competition can be mapped, existing products situated, even social trends better understood.

Top line Postures and Marketplace Mapping
in the Personal Healthcare Sector:
Source: Futures Coaching