Growth Strategy

Companies wanting to intercept the future, come to Futures Coaching for a variety of strategic inputs.
We specialise in Blueprints for Change but also
so much more:

1. Strategy Reports : Blueprints for Change

2. Concept development (targeting, positioning,
    competitive advantage)

3. Roadmapping: from the future, back

4. Building business cases

5. Strategy workshops

Typically, I work for CEOs, Directors of Strategy and Marketing Directors as they seek to draw together elements for their Business Strategy, ensuring that they are aware of the impact of change on emerging opportunities and future threats to profits.
A great example of Futures Coaching’s work in this area, is the following report:

Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC): “On The Front Foot: A Blueprint for Change in the Medical Research Charity Sector”

Published in 2017, this practical report summarises the findings from roughly 30 interviews with the CEOs and Chief Research Directors of Britain’s biggest medical research charities. 

The CEO of AMRC, Aisling Burnand (MBE),
generously wrote the following:

“AMRC commissioned Chris to undertake future scanning research and analysis with external stakeholders and our members. His work resulted in excellent strategic insights and perception-changing understanding of our sector. Through Chris’ probing methodology and analysis, we and our members have gained a greater grasp of the challenges and opportunities ahead for the sector and how organisations are adapting in response – this has been well-received by leaders in our community.”