Insight & Foresight

Accelerating change means today’s business success stories are increasingly short lived. But knowing where we are heading can future-proof existing performance whilst revealing market opportunities.
Competition between companies will increasingly be competition for the future.

Futures Coaching’s proprietary methodology, Horizon Opportunities, is about helping progressive organisations build the best assumption base about the future of their industry in order to take better strategic decisions.

We focus on providing answers to some of the most difficult questions facing your brand or industry sector today: 


how are the ‘rules of the game’ changing?

what threats could irreversibly disrupt the sector?

of the many views about our future, which are the most plausible?

what emerging opportunities should I be aware of?

what offers & business models will be successful in the future?


Our rigorous, tried and tested approach is quick and remarkably productive, giving you a radically new view on future opportunities and threats in your sector, or for your brand, in about 3 months start to finish. 




Horizon Opportunities projects are typically commissioned by: CEOs; Directors of Marketing, Branding and Strategy;
Heads of Innovation, Heads of Insight; Chief Information Officers; and Agency Planners.