Cultural Audit

For most employees, the future is an unknown place full of hidden dangers – the biggest of them all being change.
Changed ways of doing things, changing structures, new markets to enter, old sectors to leave behind.
And, at the root, one question: will my job be safe?

But the future waits for no man and companies need to be able to assess where the blocks are to becoming more agile, more innovative, in short more future-ready. This is where the Future-Ready Survey comes in.

By team, business unit or company-wide, the Future-Ready Survey is an audit of how SMART your business will be
in tomorrow’s world:


1. Strategy

2. Marketplace intelligence

3. Agile and innovative culture

4. Rejuvenating leadership and management

5. Tools and processes


Using tried and tested client work, backed up by robust academic and consultative research into cultural change, Futures Coaching works with companies to administer cross-department and cross-organisation audits either by way of simple online scorecards or more sophisticated online surveys.

The benchmarked results give a strong measure of the support for change, the pain points and local resistances.
Ultimately it’s about knowing what to leverage and where in order to direct the organisation towards the future.