Why Futures Coaching?

Client companies and agencies come to me when they need stretch thinking with real-life business relevance. Brand guru David Taylor once said to me that:
“You’ve got your head in the skies and your feet on the ground.”

But organisations are looking for so much more: 

A safe pair of hands who is also challenging

Robust, quality outputs, aggressively priced compared to the bigger agencies

A future thinker who knows business history: no wheels reinvented here

Someone who tunes in to client cultures quickly and can rapidly climb a given sector’s learning curve (language, metrics, ways of doing business)

An inter-cultural expert, used to working around the world – and still enjoying travel!

A creative thinker who is concerned about execution

Able to work in client teams and solo

Ready to give a key note to 500 VIPs but also interview shop staff

Fast, agile, flexible, digital, smart

Willing to take on new challenges of the “it’s never been done before” type; an inventive problem solver 

In tune with the cutting edge, Millennials etc.

A skilled communicator, able to motivate and convince at all levels in an organisation

Honest. Acting with integrity and with the best interests of the client always in sharp focus

Fullly versed with account handling and every step of the consultative process

Landing projects – and with value-added across the whole process

What you see is what you get. No teams of juniors; just a career-worth of blue-chip business experience