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In a World where market saturation brings relentless competition
and where accelerating change means massive disruption,
organisations need to compete for the future.

Chris Middleton, and the Futures Coaching eco-system,
help progressive companies win by getting to the future first:

1. Catalysing thought leadership

2. Future-proofing existing revenue streams

3. Pinpointing future pools of value

4. Building future-facing platforms (planning, people, products)

Futures Coaching typically works with the
CEOs, Directors of Marketing, Strategy, Innovation and HR. We also work with: Heads of Intelligence, Heads of Insights & Chief Information Officers.

For over twelve years, Futures Coaching has helped international Blue Chip companies,
global brands, charity organisations and SMEs
to get to grips with change and identify
tomorrow’s opportunities today.
Journey to your future!

Types of Project

As a client, you have identified a future-facing project and need external support to deliver it end-to-end. Research is deep-dive and assignments are highly strategic.
Duration: 1- 6 months.

You are an agency needing freelance support to deliver strategy or innovation to your client, often involving market, consumer and stakeholder research and workshopping. Duration: a few days or a few weeks.


Insight & Foresight
Building the best assumption base about the future of your sector using our Horizon Opportunities methodology.

Culture Audit
Measuring how well placed you are to intercept the future using our Future-Ready Survey tool.

Growth Strategy
Leveraging insight and foresight for robust business and contingency planning; developing
Blueprints for Change.

Pinpointing pools of value to optimise your offer using our Posture Prediction tool
& ideation workshops.

An off-shoot business, Hot Reports takes the future and makes it accessible and exciting, setting staff on the path to change.

As an agency, you want a Bespoke Slice of the Futures Coaching offer, to add spark for your clients.


Recently facilitated a successful 5-year strategy workshop for Parkinson’s UK

Coming up in September:

Will be polishing a book I’m ghostwriting for American futurologist, Marie L. Clark, on robotics, automation and data literacy for the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ 

Building a webinar on the ‘Future of Work’ for an audience of
innovation professionals

ESOMAR conference in Berlin to participate in an international seminar on
socio-cultural change 


Please get in touch
if you have a project in mind:

Mobile: +44 7581 477 659
Skype: Futures Coaching
email: chris@futurescoaching.com

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